Motorola Wins Patent Battle And Potential For Injunction Against Apple In Germany

Apple is having a tough go of it over in Europe, as they’re involved in various lawsuits in several countries, including one they just lost. Motorola Mobility just scored a big hit against Apple, winning a patent infringement suit against them in Germany.

The lawsuit means Motorola can enforce an injunction against Apple, says, meaning no sales of iPhones or iPads in Germany. None! Nada. There’s also a similar patent case in the U.S. between the two companies.

In case you were wondering what the patent dispute was about, says:

“A Germany court ruled that Apple’s cellularly-enabled devices infringe European Patent 1010336, detailing a “method for performing a countdown function during a mobile-originated transfer for a packet radio system” FOSS Patents reports, and deemed an essential component of the GPRS data standard.

So it’s like a flux capacitor, right?

There won’t be a dearth of iProducts in Germany just yet, as the injunction comes with a hefty 100 euro price tag, and no doubt Apple will file an appeal in the case.

Motorola scores Apple iPhone/iPad injunction in Germany []

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