O.B. Finally Apologizes To America For Tampon Shortage (With A Catch)

Last week, we told you the folks at o.b. tampons had issued an oddball, tongue-in-cheek apology in the form of a cheeseball ballad, complete with customizable video, for the many months that their products were off store shelves. Only problem was, that apology — and the coupon that came with it — was only available to Canadian shoppers.

Now o.b. has attempted to remedy that problem by putting the apology video on its U.S. website. And it also comes with a coupon that you can print out afterward.

Except, while the Canadian coupons could just be printed straight from the screen, the U.S. version inexplicably requires viewers to install and use a “coupon printer” from Coupons.com.

So it remains to be seen whether or not America will welcome o.b. back into its heart or whether it will wonder why on Earth it needs to install something just to get a stupid tampon coupon.

Thanks again to Mike for the tip!

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