O.B. Tampons Apologizes To Canadian Customers… In Song Form

As many of you may remember from this time last year, o.b. tampons became one of many Johnson & Johnson products to disappear from store shelves. And for many, many months, store shelves remained o.b.-free, until they gradually began showing up in the spring. Now the tampon makers are saying “we’re sorry”… at least to its Canadian customers.

Going to obtampons.ca/apology lets visitors plug in their first name (or in our case, the site’s name) and then presents them with an incredibly cheeseball music video featuring that name in various forms, all while a hunky dude apologizes for o.b.’s vanishing act.

At the end, it provides a coupon, but this probably won’t do you any good unless you’re reading Consumerist from Canada.

Thanks to Mark for the tip!

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