H&M Plays Frankenmodel Game, Puts Real Heads On Digital Lady Bodies

When you’re looking to buy clothes, heaven forbid the models showing off apparel all have different, imperfect bodies! That apparent disgust with the human form is perhaps why H&M has admitted to using digital bodies on many of its models on the website, with the heads of real women placed on top.

Ever-observant Jezebel.com points out the model discrepancy, saying that H&M has admitted to using “completely virtual” computer-generated bodies on most of the women.

Their reasoning? You can design just the kind of body to perfectly display clothes to their best advantage (read: to make you want to buy them more), and then draw the clothing onto those nonhuman bodies. Slap a head on — any head will do! — and you’ve got a model.

One obvious problem with this is the message that impossible perfection is the ideal. If the average woman looking at those Frankenmodels doesn’t realize the image is not a real woman, it could cause some real body image angst.

H&M Puts Real Model Heads On Fake Bodies [Jezebel]

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