3 Financial Dealbreakers That Could Screw Up A Relationship

For a relationship to endure over the long haul, a couple has to be financially compatible. The subject of money is a personal and extremely touchy one, even for two people in love. But those on the verge of making a major commitment, such as moving in together or marrying, would be wise to crunch some numbers and compare philosophies to see how well they mesh.

Bucksome Boomer offers three financial conundrums that could make or break a long-term relationship:

* Bringing in a debt baby. If you’ve spent a lifetime keeping your head above water, it’s soul-crushing to be saddled with mega-debt lugged in by your lover. Sharing the burden can be a bonding experience, but can also lead to resentment that can last years.

* Are you happy with the income split? Though it may seem petty to compare incomes, the amount each person hauls in affects the power dynamic. One half of the couple might have to support the other one through grad school or through low-paying jobs on the slow climb up the career ladder.

* Do your spending habits annoy the hell out of each other? Ground rules need to be established on how much leeway each person gives the other on impulse buys. They also need to work out which purchases qualify for personal discretion and which need to be discussed. Compulsive shoppers don’t typically get along well with spendthrifts.

Are You Financially Prepared for Marriage? [Bucksome Boomer]

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