How Personal Finance Is Similar To Home Building

When you’re developing a financial plan, it helps to put a structure in place that will help it stand up over time. One metaphor that can help you is to parallel putting together your financial house with building an actual house.

Personal Finance Advice explains how it is that finances share much in common with construction:

The footing and foundation. Putting together some savings provides a base on which to build upon, and will be there even if everything else collapses. Aim to build a reserve fund strong enough to last you several months if you lose your income.

The frame. Financial responsibilities and bills, as well as your means to handle them, are what determines the shape of your finances. If you’re overwhelmed and dealing with too much “house,” that means it’s time to look into downsizing in order to keep from overextending.

The roof. Just as the roof shelters you from the sun and rain, insurance and estate plans cover you when life rains and shines. Keeping yourself secure from exposure to catastrophes helps you sleep easier.

Money Lessons Learned From Home Construction [Personal Finance Advice]

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