Report: States Need To Do More To Keep For-Profit Colleges Honest

According to a report, for-profit colleges are making things tough for students by charging exorbitant fees, engaging in high-pressure recruiting efforts and supplying degrees that don’t do as much for students as promised. The report contends more oversight from state governments could better protect students from the institutions.

The findings from the National Consumer Law Center (PDF) say that while the federal government has made an effort to crack down on outfits that operate unfairly, lax state rules allow too many for-profit colleges to exploit students.

Several states, the report says, don’t operate higher-education websites that offer ways for students to lodge complaints against institutions. Also, many states are severely understaffed, with only one or two people charged with keeping tabs on dozens of schools.

The report also finds fault in federal regulations, noting that no federal rules have been enacted that will grant students more relief from abuse by for-profit colleges.

State Inaction (PDF) [National Consumer Law Center via Huffington Post]

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