Man Sues Lender For Revealing To Wife That Another Woman Was Making His Car Payments

A man in Chicago has filed a lawsuit against the company that serviced his car loan for allegedly ruining his marriage by revealing, via a voice mail, that another woman was making loan payments for him.

Alleging “sexual-scandal blackmail,” the plaintiff says that the lender “became aware of a relationship between plaintiff and a female associate and friend,” who was “in the habit of periodically making payments on the vehicle.”

The man claims he told the lender that his wife was not exactly a fan of his friendship with this woman, but that “In the guise of collection efforts, and fully aware of its toxicity, [the lender] left a message on plaintiff’s home answering machine wherein [it] identified Jane Doe by name and referenced conversations with her. Defendants had been advised of the necessity of privacy concerning Jane Doe’s payments due to the assurance of a malignant reaction by plaintiff spouse.”

The plaintiff says that bringing up the name of this Jane Doe (which we’re assuming is not her real name), “had no reasonable relation to any collection efforts.”

And once the plaintiff’s wife heard the voicemail and mention of Ms. Doe’s name, it “immediately caused plaintiff’s spouse to separate the marriage, whereby plaintiff’s spouse immediately left the primary residence and removed plaintiff’s children from plaintiff’s home. She did so upon the pretext of divorce.”

And when the man contacted the lender and told them what had transpired, he claims he was told, “Now we know a pressure point to use on you.”

The plaintiff has returned the car to the lender, but now seeks damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Man Claims Lender Destroyed his Marriage []

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