Google Maps 6.0 Will Show You The Inside Of Certain Locations

Getting lost inside the sprawling wonderland that is any IKEA is likely a shared experience, and one that may happen less for Android smartphone users. Google Maps 6.0 rolled out some changes on Tuesday, including indoor mapping of certain retail locations and airports.

Mobile devices must be running Android OS 2.1 and higher to get a peek inside IKEA, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Home Depot and as of now, 18 U.S. airports including Chicago O’Hare International and San Francisco International Airport, says the L.A. Times.

It works like normal Google Maps, with a blue dot representing your location, except that you then just zoom in on a street map and right into a store or airport. It will even be able to tell you which floor you’re on, so you can see how to get to your gate or to the bedding department.

More retail locations and airports are expected to sign on, eventually, and Google admits the release is on a limited scale right now. Oh, and iPhone users, you’re out of luck for the time being.

“While we are super proud of this launch, it is still a small slice of indoor public spaces in the world,” Lee said. “The goal is to get to where we can deliver detailed maps for all indoor spaces.”

Google Maps 6.0 includes indoor mapping of Macy’s, IKEA, airports [L.A. Times]

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