Where To Get Free Books For Your E-Reader

If you went out on Black Friday and snagged a cheap e-reader, it’s time to load it up with as many free e-books as it can hold. The amount of free stuff out there is astounding, ranging from public domain classics to new releases you can borrow from libraries.

Bible Money Matters names some of the numerous sources of free e-reading:

* Borrow from strangers. Sites such as Lendle.me allow users to lend and borrow books they’ve bought with other members of the site. When you lend out books, you receive credits that let you borrow.

* Download public domain works. Sites such as Project Gutenberg and FeedBooks will hook you up with books that are free because they’re old enough to fall under public domain or are offered freely by authors.

* Hit the virtual library. Services such as Overdrive allow libraries to lend out wide selections of ebooks, letting you check them out for preset periods.

How To Find Free E-Books And Reading Material For Your Amazon Kindle Or Other E-Reader [Bible Money Matters]

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