Man Repays Money He Stole From Sears Over 60 Years Ago, With Interest

A guilty conscience is a funny thing. An elderly man recently left an envelope with $100 in it on a Sears service counter in Seattle, with a note that said he’d stolen money from a Sears store in the late 1940s.

Not only did he pay back the amount he took, he included interest, says MSNBC. The man hand delivered the envelope and was spotted on the store’s security cameras. His identity is unknown, however, and Sears will not show the footage.

The note read: “During the late [forties] I stole some money from the cash register in the amount of $20-$30 … I want to pay you back this money in the amount of $100 to put in your theft account.”

“I think his conscience has been bothering him for the past 60 years,” said Sears manager Gary Lorentson.

In a gesture of continued goodwill, Sears will put the money toward helping needy families during the holiday season.

60 years on, elderly man with conscience repays store $100 [MSNBC]

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