Another Reason To Cut The Cards And Go Cash-Only

Back in July, we discussed several reasons that using only cash for purchases makes financial sense. Among the pluses were a lower risk of identity theft and simpler budgeting prospects.

Deliver Away Debt checks in with another reason to stick with paper: Since cash is so physically difficult to part with, it makes you rethink your shopping mentality, even for staples. For instance, you may start opting for small-sized drinks rather than larges, or drifting toward generic products rather than brand names in order to make your cash stretch farther. You might even dream up ways to do without certain items or habits.

That said, giving up the convenience of cards is easier said than done. The writer is embarking on a 30-day cash-only experiment and promises to report back with the results.

Cash is King, Isn’t It? [Deliver Away Debt]

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