Game Publisher Sued For Alleged "Battlefield 3" Bonus Bait And Switch

Last moth, some gamers were irate when their PlayStation 3 copies of Battlefield 3 didn’t include the promised bonus of an older game in the series, Battlefield 1943. Now a law firm has sued publisher EA on behalf of gamers, framing the broken promise as a bait and switch.

According to Kotaku, the lawsuit says EA “misled and profited from thousands of their customers by making a promise that they could not, and never intended, to keep.” It also calls the publisher’s make-up offer — to allow PS3 gamers to download expansions earlier than gamers on other platforms — not enough to make up for the shortcoming.

Because EA didn’t reveal it was rescinding the bonus until after the game came out, those who had bought the game expecting the freebie were left high and dry. The law firm filing the suit says it’s trying to twist EA’s arm into giving up free copies of Battlefield 1943 as promised.

EA Being Taken to Court Over Broken Battlefield Promise [Kotaku]

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