Does Anyone Need Perfectly Shaped Mini Baked Goods Of Uniform Size?

Are you hankering after six perfectly formed donut holes right now? How about some circus waffles? If you had any of the plethora of niche baking machine options one of our Consumerist commenters espied, you’d be set for baked goods for life (and maybe short on storage space).

Catastrophegirl sends in the photographic evidence via Flickr of this mini-food appliance takeover, writing:

While I was at Target yesterday I noticed the small appliance section is overrun with niche baking machines, each designed to cook one special item only. The bright colors and food shaped designs are certainly eye catching. Just thought the other consumerists might find this over the top excess of appliances amusing. Who has this much counter space? I guess people who don’t have an oven in the way?

Among those spotted: Machines to make cake pops/donut holes; “ultimate” brownies; something called “Circus waffles”; cupcakes; mini pies; mini donuts (not to be confused with the holes, of course) and all in very purty pastel shades.

Our prediction is that a coffee-table book featuring niche baking machine crocheted covers is next. You don’t want your adorable investments covered in dust while they sit waiting for your next mini pie binge!

To that, she says, “I am now going to have nightmares about a cupcake shaped crocheted cozy for the cupcake baker.”

For more, check out Catastrophegirl’s Flickr set.

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