Insurance Company Allianz Will Cover Your Next Space Flight

Just because you’re ready to drop $200,000 to take a quick trip into space with Richard Branson, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take out some travel insurance in case you lose your luggage or your medical coverage doesn’t extend beyond the stratosphere. At least that’s what German insurer Allianz is thinking. The company is rolling out a new policy, that could cost up to $10,000, for space travelers who want to play it safe.

Allianz filled in some spaces for Reuters:

Erick Morazin, the Allianz account director in charge of the plans, told Reuters that the while the prices were still being finalised, the most basic level of insurance for such trips was likely to start at around $700 and go up to as much as $10,000. …

Morazin added that Allianz had sketched out around 20 different insurance packages that add medical, luggage and other forms of cover to the basic policy. He was wary about giving too many details, however, fearing that it could benefit rival insurance firms also looking to enter the space travel market.

Branon’s Virgin Galactic expects to begin commercial space flights next year.

German firm starts selling space travel [Reuters]

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