Sony Wants To Compete With Cable, Satellite TV Providers

Not content to let the likes of Netflix and Xbox pass it by in the realm of TV streaming, Sony is reportedly trying to swing deals with major networks in order to secure rights to programming. The idea seems to be to turn PlayStation 3s and Sony’s internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players into competitors against cable boxes and satellite receivers.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Sony’s TV service would focus on smaller, more targeted bundles of channels that ideally would let customers pay less to access channels they actually watch without having to subsidize a bunch of junk they don’t care about.

As we’ve reported earlier, Microsoft is apparently well ahead of Sony in this regard, having cut deals to bring more TV options to Xbox. With word that the next Xbox could come out next year and that the PlayStation 4 might not be far behind, TV programming may be the key to which box comes to dominate living rooms.

Sony Considers Internet Rival to Cable TV [The Wall Street Journal via MSNBC]

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