Postal Service Offers Amnesty For Return Of That Mail Bin You're Using For Anything But Mail

You know those hard, white plastic bins that the mail carrier occasionally leaves at your office (and which people then take to use for their own purposes)? You’re supposed to be giving those back to your carrier the next day. So after decades of hemorrhaging money over un-returned bins, the USPS is offering amnesty through Nov. 26.

The Sacramento Bee reports that the Postal Service is losing $50 million in equipment that is used for delivery, of which these bins are part. But in spite of this — and the warning of a possible $1,000 fine and jail time for theft — people across the country have heisted the durable bins to use for everything from storage to hampers to seating.

“That’s not what it’s made for; it’s made for mail,” a USPS spokesman tells the Bee.

Every returned bin saves $4 for the nearly insolvent USPS, which points out that Target sells a similar product for consumers — complete with lid — for $5.99.

Apparently, the Postal Service tried this in 2002 with some unspecified level of success. .

In addition to the bins, the Postal Service would also appreciate the return of its mail pallets, which can cost $16 each.

But just for fun, here’s a video of an adorable kid getting more enjoyment out of a mail bin than she ever will from opening a piece of mail:

Postal Service offers amnesty for return of bins [Sacramento Bee]

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