Sears Is Determined To Not Send Us Any Sheds

In the early part of this century, you could buy kits to build an entire house from Sears. It’s probably just as well that they don’t do that anymore–at least, based on the experience Joe’s wife has had trying to get Sears to ever deliver the shed that she paid for. At least she gets the excitement and inconvenience of receiving delivery notices, then not having anyone show up with her shed.

My wife ordered a small storage building with home delivery from in mid October to replace one that was damaged in a thunderstorm.

Two weeks later she called to find out why the shed had not been delivered yet. She spoke with online services who dropped the call trying to transfer her to e-commerce. She called back and her call was dropped *again*. She was finally connected with e-commerce who attempted to pass her back to online services. Can you imagine her mood at this point? It gets worse.

She managed to keep the agent from transferring her and found out that the order had simply not been completed. When he tried to re-establish the request with delivery services he found there were no more available in the warehouses for them to deliver.

To his credit he managed to work a refund and reorder of the same product for home delivery but it encumbered over $600 of our liquid assets until the refund completed processing. I literally had to wait until the refund was deposited to go buy groceries.

She received notice that the shed was to be delivered Monday, November 7. Nobody showed, nobody called, we just didn’t have our product. She called to check the status and was given a revised delivery date of Wednesday, November 9. Guess what? Nobody showed up to deliver our shed. Nobody called us. We received no email. We got nothin’ just like before.

When my wife called delivery services to find out why our shed had not been delivered she was told the order had been cancelled. When she inquired why, she was told it was cancelled by online services and delivery services had no idea why. After being transferred to online services she was told, by a supervisor, they had no idea why it was cancelled and she needed to talk to delivery services.

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