"Booty Cam" Presents Firm Evidence That Your Butt Looks Big

Coming soon to your changing room is a device dubbed the “Booty Cam,” a closed circuit electronic eye that’s strategically set up to give you a live feed of your butt. Developed by the founder of American Rag jeans company, the device is already inside upscale Industrie Denim stores in San Francisco and Scottsdale, with more locations expected to open next year.

A spokesman for the Booty Cam’s inventor tells Main Street that the true definition of rear-projection TV does not violate customers’ privacy because there’s no way a third party can tap into the camera system.

If the Booty Cam creeps you out, there are always the old methods of twisting your neck as far around and down as it goes, or asking your trusted shopping companion to lie to you about how those jeans make your butt look.

Your New Shopping Assistant: The Booty Cam [Main Street] (Thanks, Kali!)

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