Blockbuster Express Jumps Into Rental Price Hike Pool

With rival movie rental services Netflix and Redbox already having raised their prices, Blockbuster Express decided to follow suit, doubling the price of some movies to $2 for the first night starting Tuesday. The hike applies to releases that have been out between 29 and 90 days, while older movies will remain at $1 a night. New releases that have been out for four weeks or less will remain $3 for the first night.

Bloomberg quotes the general manager of NCR Entertainment — the company that licenses the Blockbuster name to operate the Blockbuster Express rental kiosks — who says 30 percent of the movies will see their prices increase:

“There are a lot of players in the industry who have reset their pricing in the last couple of months. It’s all because of the same reason. One, we feel like it’s more in line with the value of the content, and the other is, there are higher operating costs.”

NCR is also guaranteeing the availability of its discs. If the movie you’re looking for is out of stock, you get $1 off any $3 or $2 rental.

NCR Blockbuster Express Raises Prices to Follow Redbox, Netflix [Bloomberg]

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