Fewer Cable Customers Fleeing Comcast

Like many cable providers, former Worst Company In America title-holder Comcast is feeling the pain from customers who are choosing non-cable options for video content. But according to the latest numbers from Kabletown, the stream of defectors has slowed down a bit.

In spite of Comcast’s efforts to entice customers with a larger on-demand library and access to streaming video on iPads, it still lost a net 165,000 video subscribers in the most recent quarter. And while that’s not a great number, it’s nowhere near as bad as the 275,000 video customers it lost during the same quarter in 2010.

Of course, since you can’t just stream video over the internet without an internet connection, Comcast is seeing a gain in the number of new customers for its Xfinity service. The 261,000 new customers it netted this quarter is a slight uptick from the 249,000 during the same time period last year.

“We are making significant progress in delivering a better service experience for our customers,” said Comcast CEO and mayor of Kabletown Brian Roberts, all without making himself crack up.

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