Chase Sends Letter To Non-Customers To Tell Them They Have To Opt Out Of Receiving More Unwanted Mail

It’s one thing to receive unwanted mail from a bank you don’t patronize. It’s another to receive a letter from that bank telling you that if you don’t reply to the letter, you’re opening the floodgates to even more unsolicited shredder-fodder.

A number of readers — none of them currently Chase customers — have sent in photos and scans of the below letter from Chase.

“Currently, our records indicate that you are not being mailed any offers from Chase,” reads the letter, “and we wanted you to know we are continually developing new products and services that may be of interest to you. We are updating our prospective customers’ preferences for receiving these mailings.”

The note then goes on to provide a checklist for recipients to select the items they don’t want to get.

Taking a cue from the record and book clubs of old, Chase assumes that if you don’t respond by the Dec. 15 deadline (most likely because you never even opened the envelope in the first place), you “may begin to receive offers in the mail about these products and services.”

Consumerist reader Rae, who hasn’t had any sort of Chase account in at least three years, puts it all in a somewhat positive light: “I suppose we should be happy they’re trying to keep the US Postal Service in business…”


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