NBA Lockout Forces Hundreds Of Non-Millionaires Out Of Jobs

When a business entity the size of the NBA grinds to a halt, it’s the infrastructure workers who pay the greatest price. One estimate says that as many as 400 workers in the league have lost their jobs since owners started the lockout.

According to SportsBusiness Journal (subscription required), 200 workers in the league office — as well as another 200 from various teams around the league — are out of work. The job losses are due to a combination of layoffs and attrition, and many teams have instituted hiring freezes.

As owners and players continue to engage in a standoff at the negotiating table, the lockout continues to whittle the season away. Originally scheduled to tip off Nov. 1, the season has already lost more than 200 games and will start no earlier than Nov. 29.

NBA job losses near 400 since end of season [SportsBusiness Journal (subscription required) via CBS Sports]

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