NBA Cancels Preseason, Regular Season Could Be Next

Because NBA owners and players haven’t been able to agree on a way to split league revenue, it’s looking more and more likely that the labor dispute will either shorten the season or do away with it entirely. The league announced that the entire preseason has been canceled and unless an agreement is reached within the next few days, regular season games will be in jeopardy.

Sports Illustrated reports players shut down an informal proposal of a 50-50 split of revenue between the two groups. Under the old system, players received 57 percent of basketball-related income, and have so far agreed to go no lower than 53 percent.

The last time the league and players played such a destructive game of chicken was the 1998-99 season, which ended up being cut to 50 games from the original 82. The NBA is looking to avoid the sorry fate of the NHL in 04-05, in which the entire season was put on ice.

A 50/50 split may be best deal out there [Sports Illustrated]

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