Casio Tries To Wait Out The Warranty On Crappy-Sounding Piano

The piano that Jennifer bought her daughter last Christmas sounds terrible. She’s been trying to get Casio to fix it under warranty since June, but Casio corporate and her local repair shop have excuse after excuse for why they aren’t able to come out and fix it–or just replace the piano already.

I bought a Casio PX-130 piano for my daughter for Christmas last year (purchased in November 2010). It worked great at first, but by May 2011 had an awful distorted sound. I called in June about getting it fixed, since the 1 year warranty should cover this issue. Casio found someone local to repair it a week later, but the repairman was apparently on vacation. No problem, I called the repair place to touch base, he should be back at the end of July. I’m thinking, wow that’s a long vacation, but it’s fine. We will just deal with the sound issues for the summer.

Then I go on vacation in August, and not having heard anything, call the repair center back in mid-August, amazingly, I’m told the repairman is still on vacation, that’s nearly two months now. The contact at the repair place also made it clear that Casio wasn’t paying much for the repair, and I got the feeling they weren’t in a real rush to accept the piano and do the job.

So I called back Casio, telling them I’ve been unable to even give them the piano, and they say no problem, we’ll get in contact and sort it out. At this point I suggested they just ship me a new piano and I will ship them this one and they can figure out how to fix it. I’m told no, warranty won’t cover that. It’s for repair only. I also wrote an email hoping to possibly reach some corporate people. After that I got a couple calls from “management” not sure if that is corporate or just more people in the general repair support pool. They assured me all parts are ordered so that it will be quick and easy once I bring it in for repair.

Fast forward to now, a few weeks since the last management call. I call again, yes indeed parts are ordered, but were never shipped to the local repair place and basically nothing has changed. My warranty is now up in November and I’m not sure what Casio will even do anymore. They don’t want to find a new repair center, and they don’t want to send me a new piano. This piano cost me $550 and it hasn’t had a bearable sound in months. I don’t know what else to do to get some action on Casio’s part and get my piano fixed or replaced.

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