How To Build More Social Media "Klout"

Some see the social media scene as an ever-fluctuating competition, with everyone scrapping to claw market share away from one another. Encouraging this mentality is Klout, which claims to filter peoples’ social media influence and assigns them a score out of 100. Some dismiss the service, but most involved in the scene keep an eye on their scores.

Klout recently changed its algorithm, angering many users by dropping their scores by supposedly making the system more accurate. The changes have deepened the air of mystery surrounding the machinery behind the curtain, and exactly what it takes to improve your score. Amy of Savvy Sexy Social tries to help out by offering several ways to improve your Klout score.

Her tips include some vague instructions, such as producing interesting, compelling material, but she also offers some concrete advice, such as acknowledging those who boost your profile by liking or re-tweeting your posts. She also advises being a bit callous with those you associate with online, spurning the less popular and interacting primarily with those who have a higher Klout score than you. Some of the tips are callous, but Amy must know what she’s talking about because her score has stayed even despite the changes.

Here’s her video:

10 Ways To Increase Your Klout Score [YouTube via TechCrunch]

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