Boxing Ticket Phishing Scam Making The Rounds

Say you check your email and notice a confirmation message for expensive tickets you never bought. Your first instinct may be to click on the link and dispute the charge, and that’s just the reaction the con artists who sent you the message are hoping for.

In a press release, the Better Business Bureau says phishing scammers have sent out emails pretending to be from StubHub, claiming that you’ve bought two tickets for a Las Vegas boxing match from a guy in Los Angeles, with the order totaling $2,766.96. You’re invited to log on to StubHub if you have questions or concerns about the purchase.

The link, the BBB says, does not go to StubHub. Here are some tips StubHub offers to those targeted by the con:

* If you receive the scam email, DON’T login. It may steal your passwords and then give thieves access to your StubHub account where valid credit card info may be stored.

* Change your password if you have an account at StubHub – right away. Go directly to the StubHub site to do that, not through an email.

* Send a copy of the scam email you receive to so they can investigate.

Scam Alert [Better Business Bureau]

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