Would You Pay Someone $4/Card To Write And Send Your 'Thank You' Notes?

If you think that the opportunity to spend money on a wedding ends with the honeymoon, you’re mistaken. A new business wants to unburden newlyweds and others by writing and mailing all those pesky “thank you” notes, for a price.

Long Island-based Wedding Thank You Writer (a to-the-point business name if we’ve ever heard one), charges $2.50/card to pen the notes of thanks. That number jumps up to $4/card if you want them to actually mail the cards out for you.

The NY Daily News explains:

How it works: Potential customers view handwriting samples and choose male or female penmanship, cursive or print. They submit a spreadsheet noting who gave which gift, and mention any specialized jokes or asides they’d like added to the generic message.

That info is then given to a writer who authors brief letters of gratitude that max out at around 75 words.

The creator of the company defends himself against the critics. “I firmly believe this is not a tacky service,” he explains to the Daily News. “The act of getting a thank you card is worth more than not getting one, or waiting four months… I don’t remember ever getting a card and saying, “ËœDude, that was a great card!'”

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