Why Is FedEx Afraid Of My Neighborhood?

Are the people who work at Kevin’s local FedEx office in the Midwest classist, racist, or just lazy? He doesn’t understand why it is that their drivers have a strange inability to find his apartment building, mostly because the local station manager believes that Kevin’s neighborhood is unsafe.

The station manager at the [redacted] Fedex ground office admitted to me on the phone that he personally institutes special restrictions on delivers based upon his decisions. My neighborhood is predominately poor and black, but has a VERY low crime rate; yet this station manager claims he knows it has high theft, so he requires ALL packages to be signature confirmed, whether the customer asked for it or not, even if the customer specifically calls and tells him to leave it.

This manager also defends a driver that won’t even drive to the neighborhood, saying first it was because the driver could not find the building: which is 60ft tall, a city block wide and has 18 inch tall address numbers on it.

Then the manager said it was because of construction in the area, when pointed out that while their was construction, there was no detours: the manager then said it was construction between the [redacted] station and my place in [redacted], when pointed out that while construction there was no detours or road closures, the manager said he had to check his records.

Then the manager told me because my neighbor hood had a very high crime rate, which is proven false, his driver came to my location each of the 4 attempts, but didn’t feel comfortable leaving the package, despite my requests.

Let me add, that I sat at home all day on the 2nd delivery attempt and no one even even showed up, but the [redacted] Fedex location claimed that they could not locate the building, then changed it to no one was home, then said there was a mis-communication.

Throughout this entire multi-day exchange, Fedex ground has had my phone number, I have offered alternative deliveries (like to my place of employment), late night pick-up, leaving the package at a Fedex office location for my pickup. The station manager has refused, because he feels they don’t meet his requirements of delivering to my address, but their driver doesn’t even show up, then they lie to cover it up, all because the manager has deemed my neighborhood to be “dangerous” because of his perceived ideas and not facts.

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