Ian Poley

Amazon To Expand Same-Day Prime Delivery To All Of Boston… Eventually

Free same-day delivery is a nice perk that millions of Amazon Prime customers in and near major cities nationwide have access to. But not all access is created equal, as a recent investigation found out, and the map of who was being excluded has some unpleasant undertones. In Boston at least, the city with the most obvious delivery hole, Amazon is now changing its tune and will expand service to all residents. [More]

Zach Egolf

In 6 Cities, Amazon Same-Day Delivery Available In More White ZIP Codes Than Black Ones

Effective same-day delivery is kind of the holy grail of online retail right now: being able to get your hands on that thing you need right now when you need it is the one advantage brick-and-mortar stores still have, and it’s the one Amazon in particular wants to chip away at. The list of cities where Amazon promises Prime subscribers access to same-day delivery keeps getting longer, but there’s a snag: not all addresses within a city are considered equal, and the pattern to the areas without access looks distressingly familiar. [More]

Cpt. Brick

8 Things We Learned About Racial And Gender Wage Inequality In The Restaurant Industry

With nearly 11 million people working in the restaurant industry in the United States, the field has become one of the most populated in the workforce. But a new report finds that while there’s a plethora of positions in the restaurant business, there’s a stark difference between livable-wage and poverty-wage positions and it tends to further segregate employees by gender and race.  [More]

The receipt on the left is the version the waitress posted to Facebook, which shows no tip and a note saying the customers disapprove of the waitress' "lifestyle." On the right is a copy of the receipt provided by the customers to NBC News, which they claim shows they left a 18% tip.

Family Claims They’re Fine With Server’s “Lifestyle,” Left $18 Tip

A few weeks ago, a New Jersey waitress set the Internets on fire with by posting a receipt, allegedly from her job, with a hateful message instead of a tip. “Sorry I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle & the way you live your life,” read the message on the receipt. The customer has now come forward to say that they left a 20% tip and would say no such thing. [More]

Why Is FedEx Afraid Of My Neighborhood?

Why Is FedEx Afraid Of My Neighborhood?

Are the people who work at Kevin’s local FedEx office in the Midwest classist, racist, or just lazy? He doesn’t understand why it is that their drivers have a strange inability to find his apartment building, mostly because the local station manager believes that Kevin’s neighborhood is unsafe. [More]