While Mom Gambles, Repo Man Takes Away Car With Kid Inside

A Florida woman who allegedly left her kid inside her car while she gambled at an internet cafe found her vehicle and child missing when she got back. It turns out a repo man had swooped in and taken her car, unaware of its precious cargo. Now the woman faces charges of neglect.

WESH Orlando reports the boy woke up, but the unidentified driver just kept on going and dumped him off at a gas station, drawing the ire of police who said he didn’t do the right thing. Police are looking for the driver.

The father, who was alerted by the gas station manager, says he’s angry at both the repo man and his wife: “I didn’t know if my son was OK or where my son was. I was mad. Thank God nothing happened.”

Police: Mom Gambles, Car Repo’d With Kid Inside [WESH Orlando]

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