Personal Finance Roundup

25 Ways to Make Money Today [Wise Bread] “Some are obviously a little easier than others, some require skill, some are a bit silly, but all of them are within reach for most of us.”

How to Be a Better Investor [Kiplinger] “Step one: Recognize — and overcome — the psychological hurdles that influence our behavior.”

How to Work at Home: 4 Ways to Convince Your Boss [Moneyland] “If you’d like to give [working from home] a try, but your employer has reservations, here are four ways to win over the boss.”

6 tips to make your nest egg last. [MSN Money] “Certain steps can help maximize the amount of money you’ll have when the paychecks stop.”

The 10 Best Places to Retire in 2012 [US News] “These cities will meet your retirement lifestyle needs and suit your budget.”