Capture Your Bank Of America Break-Up On Video

With reigning Worst Company In America runner-up Bank of America preparing to roll out monthly fees for some customers who use their debit cards to make purchases, a number of people are thinking it’s prime time to end their relationship with BofA — and that’s a perfect moment to capture on video.

Over at DefendYourDollars, our Consumers Union pals have put together this reel of customers telling Bank of America “It’s not me; it’s you,” and they would love to add your video to the mix.

So if you want to tell Bank of America that it’s just not working out, upload your video to YouTube and be sure to use the phrase “Drop the fee or we drop you” and email the link to

Or you could just capture the moment in a photo and send to

Heck, even if you aren’t a BofA customer, tell them that they won’t ever be able to date you until they ditch the fee.

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