4 Suspects Arrested For Keeping People In "Dungeon" To Steal Their Social Security Checks

Four suspects have been arrested after being accused of a diabolical scheme where they locked up people in a basement and stole their Social Security checks.

Several malnourished adults were rescued by police from “dungeon”-like conditions in Philly this week. The victims were mentally challenged adults who had been kidnapped, some of them years ago. One of the victims said he met the woman who was to become his captor through an online dating service. He was later chained to a boiler and a pitbull owned by the woman ripped his ear.

The heinous tale reveals how the Social Security system is vulnerable to fraud. A person can apply to manage someone else’s benefits by just filling out a four-page form and taking it to a benefits office.

When the woman accused of being the mastermind was arrested, police found that she was carrying over 50 different pieces of ID cards on her.

Other caches of people locked up by the woman and her crew have been found, bringing the total number of people rescued up to eight adults and five children.

3 Charged After 4 Disabled Adults Found Locked In Tacony ‘Dungeon’ [CBS Philly]

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