Cheap AT&T Text Message Plan IS Compatible With iPhone 4s

Have you fired up your new iPhone 4S, only to feel lonely because no one is texting you? Don’t be sad. You might still have some friends after all. As reader Hillary discovered, AT&T’s cheapest text plan ($5 for 200 messages) isn’t compatible with the new phone, so people with that combination just don’t get their messages. Update: We heard from an AT&T rep, who told us that there’s no reason why the 4S shouldn’t work with a 200-message texting plan, and isn’t sure why this happened to Hillary.

Got my new 4S – next day my MIL thought I was ignoring her when I didn’t text back – turns out AT&T removed my 200 message $5/month text plan because the code it uses isn’t compatible with the iPhone 4S. AT&T offered me 1000 messages a month for $10 & a $70 credit to make up the price difference for a year. Rep said she couldn’t add my old plan back on – I asked for a supervisor & my old plan was added. Last January AT&T quit offering the cheap plan, but customers are supposed to be grandfathered in – glad I knew that since the rep didn’t!

Just a heads up to any consumers with the wimpy text plan like myself!

It sounds like any AT&T customer with this plan who upgrades phones should check to see whether the old plan is compatible with their new phone.

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