Netflix Lands Deal To Stream Old Seasons Of CW Shows

The revolving door that is Netflix’s streaming service has lined up another entrant. The company nailed down a deal to stream previous seasons of scripted CW TV shows starting the year after they air.

Reuters reports the CW-Netflix union is an open marriage, meaning other streaming services are free to swoop in and sweet-talk the CW into giving up episodes of shows it will stream on Netflix, which include Gossip Girl, 90210, Nikita and One Tree Hill.

The deal is said to be worth $1 billion and will last at least eight years.

Netflix, CW Sign 4-Year Deal to Stream Shows [Reuters]

Deal With Time Warner Brings the CW to Netflix [The New York Times]


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  1. mauispiderweb says:


  2. agent 47 says:

    No Supernatural, no care.

  3. suez says:

    Not one of which I’m interested in watching. ::sigh:: How about some HBO instead??

    • PercyChuggs Was Found At JFK Airport says:

      How about you get HBO from your cable or satellite provider, and use HBO Go? Because, other than pirating the shows and movies, that’s the only way you’ll get HBO on streaming video.

      • suez says:

        Because I won’t pay for cable and so HBO isn’t an option? I only pay for “high speed” internet and use Netflix Instant and Hulu.

      • Oranges w/ Cheese says:

        So paying $60 monthly for eleventy-billion channels I won’t watch PLUS the HBO package is a good solution?

        How about content providers get over themselves and realize that alacarte pricing would make them MORE money than their packages.

      • Roger Wilco says:

        Well, with a name like “PercyChuggs Charges $5 To Read His Comments” I can see why you would think that.

  4. Riroon13 says:


  5. Mr. Fix-It says: "Canadian Bacon is best bacon!" says:

    The deal is said to be worth $1 billion and will last at least eight years.

    Netflix, CW Sign 4-Year Deal to Stream Shows [Reuters]


  6. Brontide says:

    I guess the question is who paid whom in this case, I mean, come on… Gossip Girl? This is the kind of cruft that studios usually have to package up with other channels in order to get cable companies to bother taking.

  7. McRib wants to know if you've been saved by the Holy Clown says:

    CW, the pathetic bastard child to the already pathetic WB?

  8. Riroon13 says:

    I have to wonder, if Netflix came up with an acceptable price point (say $20-$25), would that be enough to bribe major studios to allow new movie streaming, coinciding day-and-date with the DVD/Blu-Ray releases?

    I’d certainly pay that amount for a streaming service to be run properly.

  9. Max Headroom says:

    Hey NetFlix, how about just streaming COMPLETE seasons of shows, like ST:DS9, or Quantum Leap, etc.? Too much to ask?

    • augiet65 says:

      Netflix has all of the episodes of ST:DS9. Some of the longer episodes are combined as one. For example the very first episode on Season one is 90 minutes long and encompasses the content of what would normally be considered the first two episodes.

      • Max Headroom says:

        No. they are not, not on a streaming device at least. It jumps at least 20 episode #”s when browsing on my TV. When browsing from a PC I see them all. That is not the case on my Vizio.

        • cyberpenguin says:

          If you can see them on one device (PC) but can’t see them on another device (Vizio TV) then the fault lies in the app on the device, not in Netflix’ streaming service.

          What Netflix needs to do is fix the Vizio app, but they’re probably tied up working on the Android TV app for the Google TV toolkit that was released.

          • Bix says:

            Yup, with Netflix the content is all device agnostic. If something doesn’t show up on one device, it’s a software issues with that device.

      • coren says:

        Well, the show originally premiered as a two hour long episode, and while I can’t speak for the DVDs if you uh…find it on the internet, it’s the same way.

  10. MerlynNY says:

    Hey Netflix, enough with the old TV shows, how about some NEW movies already??!

  11. dolemite says:

    1 Billion for CW shows? Someone is on crack!

  12. Kentankerous says:

    Netflix should have saved themselves the $1 billion and not bothered with that “deal”.

  13. Coffee says:

    One Tree Hill? 90210?


    *shoots self in the face*

    Worth it.

  14. shibotu says:

    I can’t think of anything I’d watch on CW but I discovered by accident that Netflix now has the orginal Law & Order series streaming

  15. Costner says:


    Loved that show. Plan to watch every episode again.

    • mandarynn says:

      The last season was so bad though. The bachelor/bachelorette episode? VOMIT

      • Costner says:

        There were a few misses in every season and they pushed the line more than a few times, but there were enough cool moments mixed in that it made it worthwhile.

        I really liked the throwback acknowledgements they did every now and then. For instance they had Christopher Reeve play a role before he died. They also had Dean Cain play a role, and they had Terrance Stamp (the guy who played General Zod in the original movie) as the voice of Jor-El.

        They also had that woman who played Supergirl (or was it Superwoman) years ago, they used Annette O’Toole as Mrs. Kent (who played Lana Lang in the Reeve-era movie). When it came right down to it, they had almost everyone they could get who was ever associated with one of the original movies or TV series… it was a nice way to recognize those who came before them and to tie in the show with the past.

  16. Scamazon says:

    NetFlix only likes carrying cult or popular TV shows in DVD format only. THAT way you HAVE to pay their inflated price for their DVD delivery service. I see a lot of mindless puffery and scurrying about to try and save their asses from customers fleeing their service in droves yet the net result is nothing new at new inflated prices that are soon to go up even higher soon… NO THANKS!

  17. Power Imbalance says:

    Still waiting for the GOOD content….

  18. Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

    EVERWOOD?!! I hope so.

    • Ihmhi says:

      The last season of Everwood won’t be available so they can make room for the last season of 7th Heaven. =(

  19. bhurt544 says:

    Woohooo …. Who ?

  20. Belabras ate my dingo! says:

    Sweet. Can finally catch up on Supernatural

  21. TasteyCat says:

    The CW will still be around in 8 years? Then again, Netflix will still be around in 8 years?

    • coren says:

      Considering Netflix has been doing good business for much longer than 8 years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down, barring the dumb qwikster crap…

  22. lilspooky says:

    Oh boy! More Shit on my Netflix.
    I hate CW!

  23. HogwartsProfessor says:

    I wish they’d do something with WE and get Bridezillas and Amazing Wedding Cakes. I miss those since I have fewer channels now.

  24. Belle says:

    Wooohoo! As a teenage girl in the body of a 28 year old, I love lots of CW shows. I hope this includes Felicity.

  25. FLConsumer says:

    Um…what’s a CW? Never heard of any of this before.

  26. haymoose says: