911 Calls From Walmart Bleach Battle Released


911 calls from the altercation inside a Baltimore County Walmart where two women began throwing liquid bleach and ammonia at each other, leaving 19 hospitalized from the resulting toxic chemical reaction, have been released.

WJZ obtained the calls:

Dispatcher: “Baltimore County 911, what’s the address of the emergency?”
Caller: “There’s a fight in the middle of Wal-Mart on Washington Boulevard. You need to get some radio cars up here quick.”
Dispatcher: “Are there any weapons involved?”
Caller: “No, but they are using chemicals to throw at each other.”
Dispatcher: “And they’re hitting each other?”
Caller: “Yeah. Throwing chemicals, liquid bleach, yeah.”
Dispatcher: “Throwing bleach at each other?”
Caller: “Yeah.”

The fight occurred between two women, one of whom was dating the ex-boyfriend of the other, who also shared a child with the man.

With so much acreage filled with all sorts of tools and supplies, and little oversight by the zombified staff, crazy stuff is bound to happen in the aisle of Walmart. Also, ammonia and bleach create a deadly gas when combined, so don’t do that.

911 Calls Released In Wal-Mart Bleach Fight [CBS Baltimore]

Bleach Battle At Baltimore Walmart Sends 19 To Hospital

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