911 Calls From Walmart Bleach Battle Released



911 calls from the altercation inside a Baltimore County Walmart where two women began throwing liquid bleach and ammonia at each other, leaving 19 hospitalized from the resulting toxic chemical reaction, have been released.

WJZ obtained the calls:

Dispatcher: “Baltimore County 911, what’s the address of the emergency?”
Caller: “There’s a fight in the middle of Wal-Mart on Washington Boulevard. You need to get some radio cars up here quick.”
Dispatcher: “Are there any weapons involved?”
Caller: “No, but they are using chemicals to throw at each other.”
Dispatcher: “And they’re hitting each other?”
Caller: “Yeah. Throwing chemicals, liquid bleach, yeah.”
Dispatcher: “Throwing bleach at each other?”
Caller: “Yeah.”

The fight occurred between two women, one of whom was dating the ex-boyfriend of the other, who also shared a child with the man.

With so much acreage filled with all sorts of tools and supplies, and little oversight by the zombified staff, crazy stuff is bound to happen in the aisle of Walmart. Also, ammonia and bleach create a deadly gas when combined, so don’t do that.

911 Calls Released In Wal-Mart Bleach Fight [CBS Baltimore]

Bleach Battle At Baltimore Walmart Sends 19 To Hospital


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  1. Cat says:

    So, they’re defending the ATTACKER? WTF?

    • falnfenix says:

      I’m beginning to think Maryland’s proximity to D.C. is making people extra stupid.

      • Papa Midnight says:

        I’ll shorten that distance. No need to go all the way from I-495 to I-695. I’ll make this simple: Armed On-Duty Police Officers are tasked with patrolling Target and Wal-Mart stores in Baltimore City. Armed On-Duty Police Officers ONLY patrol Wal-Marts and Target in Baltimore County during major holiday rush periods such as Black Friday and the usual Christmas Eve rushes.

        • falnfenix says:

          Man, I don’t go near the stores OUTSIDE the beltway on a regular basis due to the people shopping there…and I avoid them completely during the holidays. I wouldn’t have a clue whether armed officers actively patrol the stores during the holiday season.

          Though the “new” store up in Cockeysville is still rather nice, which surprises the dickens out of me. It’s close enough to the light rail and bus lines to bring in the less than desirable element, but I don’t feel quite as threatened there as I have at the Golden Ring location.

    • sirwired says:

      Who is this “they”?

  2. techstar25 says:

    I witnessed a fight break out in a Wal-mart once, between two (and I’ll use the term loosely) women and their groups of neanderthals. It was mostly shouting of various profanities but unnerving nonetheless. How do you explain to your four-year-old why two adults are having a shouting match in a grocery store? Awkward to say the least.

    • StarKillerX says:

      Tell them that in general that people are low life idiots, afterall you need to prepare them for the real world.

  3. ellmar says:

    OK, I hate WalMart… but implying that the staff should be patrolling the tool and supply filled aisles so that psychos don’t get into toxic chemical fights? I’m pretty sure that’s not in the job description of WalMart’s overworked underpaid staff.

    • Cat says:

      I’ve been to several countries where stores are patrolled by guards armed with semi-automatics. I bet they don’t have any baby mamas fighting in the aisles with toxic chemicals there.

      • mauispiderweb says:

        That’s because they’re sticking each other with diaper pins in the Similac aisle, which doesn’t require regular patrols.

  4. HoJu says:

    Whats a “radio car?”

  5. Robofish says:

    I bet one of them tried to *takes off glasses* make a clean getaway.

    This was all over the local new stations last night.

  6. NaOH says:

    Mmm, chloramine.

  7. fortymegafonzies says:

    I really wish news outlets wouldn’t publish audio recordings of 911 calls. It always seems a little low-class to me to make spectacles of people in emotionally charged situations. I don’t know if this Walmart situation is really that bad, but I hate when there’s some poor, hysterical crying person all over the local news just because he or she stopped to help at an accident or was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  8. Wasp is like Requiem for a Dream without the cheery bits says:

    I keep thinking this took place in Florida.

    • tooki says:

      Nope, it was in the Wal-Mart 5 minutes from where I used to live. It was also 5 minutes in the other direction from the ‘hood.

      If I had to shop when Target was closed, I preferred to drive an extra 10 minutes to go to a different Wal-Mart that wasn’t so ghetto.

  9. GoSpursGo says:

    Baby-mama drama in Baltimore? NO WAY

  10. kobresia says:

    Wal*Mart should make periodic announcements over their PA system reminding their shoppers to “stay classy”.

    • LMA says:

      “Attention all Walmart customers and baby mamas, take your triffling selves on over to K-Mart where they be having a Blue Light Special on cans of whoop-ass. Walmart is for slow moving folks on Disability and all their spandex needs.”

  11. Jeff says: "WTF could you have been thinking?" says:

    Two more things they’ll have locked up now.

    God Bless America.

  12. IgnoramusEtIgnorabimus says:

    Anyone else notice how fat the crowd in front was?

  13. Don't Be Scurred says:

    When will Wal-Mart learn? Chemicals must be placed on the *top* shelf for safety, out of reach of those who may drink it, sniff it, or throw it at others.

  14. Yomiko says:

    I have to go to Baltimore/Annapolis for work week after next… again… *sigh*

    We tend to need to hit up Wally World for supplies. Is there a not scary WW around Annapolis?

    • jeffbone says:

      You could drive up to Columbia. I would definitely recommend staying away from the stores in Laurel; actually, I’m a little surprised this incident didn’t happen at the Walmart just off the BW Parkway on MD198.

  15. KCBassCadet says:

    Did you catch the 911 Operator? These are the people we have answering calls in emergencies? Jesus…

  16. smo0 says:

    And the uneducated make the news… again….
    This story makes me want to firebomb wal-mart and its crowd of “patrons.”