The Right Way To Get A Bartender's Attention

If you’ve ever felt like you need to send off flares and sparklers in order to get a drink from the bar, bartender and bar culture author Rosie Schaap has some advice on things that will work to get served faster.

In her article in The New York Times Magazine, Schaap says knowing the following will help you get the bartender’s attention:

* Make eye contact
* Don’t wave your arms around
* Be respectful
* Say thank you, and please
* They’re not strippers, waving cash in your hands won’t get them to serve you faster
* If you have a chance to ask your bartender’s name, do so, and introduce yourself

Just like the teacher at the head of the class who sees everything, the bartender knows what’s going on in their bar at all times. If you’re blocking access for the servers, elbowing people aside, or generally screaming and being obnoxious, they’re going to take note and downgrade their service accordingly in order to encourage you to leave.

How Do You Get a Bartender’s Attention? [NYTM] (Thanks to David!)

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