Watch Out For Petco's Fuzzy Kitty Litter Math

Just because something is on sale, even a sale only available to holders of a store’s discount card, that doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. Want a real-life example? Here, the sale price of a container of cat litter is higher than the sale price of a container that’s actually larger. Fuzzy math, or subtle bias against customers who aren’t able to carry a 31-pound box?

Here is the 28-pound box of Arm & Hammer litter for $9.99:


Here’s the 20-pound box for $10.99:


Chris wrote:

I saw these at Petco earlier today. Notice that for Petco P.A.L.S. customers, the 20 pound box is $1 more than the 28 pound box for the same product!

The extra three pounds in the box that’s normally 28 pounds makes this deal even less fair.