How Large Should A Large Pizza Be?

There is no national or international governing body that keeps track of how big a pizza is supposed to be. This is probably just as well, but Todd was still disappointed when he ordered a “Large” pizza from Pizza Hut and received a 13″ diameter pie that left his party of three hungry.

Sunday night, I ordered pizza online from Pizza Hut for myself & 2 small children. PH had a coupon online for any pizza, any size, any toppings, $10. Truly, it was $10! ($10.90 with tax, still ok).

Problem was, I expected a large pizza to be 16″, this one was about 13″.


It was sort of oval-shaped so I measured diameter on the diagonal. I was hoping we’d have enough for leftovers but we were all still hungry after finishing up this tiny pizza. [A local pizza place] has a better deal…$22 for 2 large pizzas that are REALLY large pizzas, will do that next time.

Maybe the tiny pizzas are a conspiracy to get customers to buy breadsticks as well. To be fair, if you’re ordering from PIzza Hut and not getting breadsticks, you’re missing the point. I grew up on PIzza Hut, and think of their pizza as that buttery-tasting cheese-covered thing that comes along with the breadsticks.

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