Purina Goes After Desirable Doggy Demographic With Sounds Only Your Pet Can Hear

While fast food advertisers have taken a lot of heat in recent years for packaging and marketing that is targeted heavily toward children, the evil ad geniuses of the world have found another demographic on which it can focus its marketing laser — your furry friends.

Over in Europe, Nestlé Purina PetCare has created an ad for Beneful pet food that apparently includes a high-pitched, dog-whistle-ish sound that can only be heard by your dog.

According to AdWeek, the goal is to get the attention of your pet. Because if there’s one thing that makes dog owners say “I should get that dog food!” it’s their pet howling at the TV every time it airs.

Check out the ad below:

Pet-Food Brand Makes TV Commercial Only Dogs Can Hear But are they buying it? [AdWeek.com]

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