Medical Marijuana User: Papa John's Driver Ratted Me Out To The Cops

We imagine that food delivery drivers see their fair share of customers under the influence of any number of legal and illegal intoxicants. But unless the customer becomes belligerent or refuses to pay, it’s pretty rare to hear about the authorities being called in. That’s why a man in Colorado is fuming mad at his Papa John’s driver.

The man admits to having smoked some marijuana before the Papa John’s driver arrived, but that he has a medical marijuana card for pain suffered in a bike accident. He also says he never smokes in front of his 9-year-old daughter.

“It is daily pain relief for me. I smoked some medical marijuana to relieve by knee pain,” he tells Colorado’s 9 News.

The man says that a few minutes into eating the pizza, the local police were knocking on his door because the delivery driver had been concerned about the combination of marijuana and a young child in the house.

“I was definitely not smoking marijuana in front of my children, which is what he said he saw,” says the customer.

He says that police searched his house and performed a child welfare check but left without filing charges. He has subsequently contacted Papa John’s to complain and filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

The pizza people issued the following statement on the matter:

Papa John’s of Colorado wants to stand behind the decision that this delivery driver made. He was acting as a concerned citizen and for what he believes was the best interests of our community.

And while the man says he’s considering legal action against the pizza chain, legal experts tell 9 News that he’s unlikely to succeed.

“He was acting as a private citizen in notifying the authorities. Anyone who calls the police is almost surely immune from any lawsuit,” one lawyer explains.

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