Radisson Offers Up Dirty Room, Dead Moth And Overall Terrible Experience

There’s nothing like not being able to check in until six hours after you arrive at a hotel to sour you on the whole deal. That would be bad enough, but as Consumerist reader JL writes, throw in fire hazards, long lines and a dirty room and you’ve got a pretty terrible stay.

She writes in that she and 12 other women arrived at a Radisson for a conference at 3:30 p.m., but after waiting in a long line to check in, were told to come back later because their rooms weren’t clean yet. They came back after two hours, and the rooms still weren’t ready. Finally, after the conference events that night, they were able to check in at 9:30 p.m.

Sounds bad, right? It gets worse.

She writes:

When we returned after the conference, we were able to check in, but it took the front desk person 15 minutes just to process us. After we retrieved our luggage, the lobby was a mob of people, waiting for elevators. We decided to take the stairs. They only went to the 3rd floor. When we found the door for the stairs going up from the 3rd floor, it was locked. So, there was no access to stairs! FIRE HAZARD!

The beds in the room had sleep number bed controls which did not even turn on. We tried to call the front desk, to use complimentary room service tickets. The phone didn’t work. The room was not clean. There was a dead moth crushed on the wall!

The next morning, the wait for the elevators was unbelievable. People were cramming in. Claustrophobic people had no option but to put up with it. We were on the 14th floor. We had to take an elevator that was going up, in order to go down. There was still no access to the stairs. We were charged $147 for a room that we only got to use for 9 hours.

Sounds like a blast, right?

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