Kroger Killing Double And Triple Coupons

Continuing the anti-extreme couponer trend, Kroger announced that they’ll stop doing double and triple store coupons in North Texas stores.

For instance, someone buying OJ with one 40-cent-off store coupons could have gotten 80 cents off if coupon doubling is in effect. Now they’ll only get the 40 cents off.

The stores will still accept manufacturer’s coupons at face value, reports the Star-Telegram.

The move comes after Kroger stopped the practice in Houston earlier this year. The recession and shows like TLC’s Extreme Couponing have pushed the hardcore couponing hobby from the fringes to the mainstream.

Kroger said that they will shift the discounts away from coupons and into lower overall prices.

Kroger to stop doubling, tripling coupons in DFW [Star Telegram] (Thanks to Mark!)

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