Hundreds Of Hours On The Phone With AT&T Still Haven't Solved My Problem

Gerald would like something very simple: he would like to connect to an FTP server. He knows that it’s not completely blacklisted: he can get to it using an AT&T business-class connection. He’s even narrowed down precisely what the problem is. He just can’t find anyone at the company capable of helping him, and he’s found the online help groups to be an utter waste of time.

After two plus months of trying to use ATT so-called help groups I have come to the realization that they are either totally constrained by an ineffective management system or are incompetent. You should try to use ATT help groups for something other than trivial problems to learn how the customer feels.

My problem arose, apparently, as a “black listing” for a specific hosting server. After spending time to discern that was the case I reported it. Someone did something to allow signals to initiate with the host for an FTP session but would not allow the session to complete.

Now comes the fun. For the past two months I have been passed from one group to another on my literally hundreds of hours on the phone to resolve the problem.

It is clear from all my testing with various combinations of software, computers, modems and ISPs that the “residential server” to which modems in my area are connected is the source of the problem. Absolutely no one in any ATT “help” group has any access to or at least will not contact anyone who has anything to do with the residential server in my area.

Just for a few laughs in my ventures I have had TWO groups give me false emails, URLs, and phone numbers to contact. One email comes back as “not our customer” ( Sent an email to and get a URL that does not work plus a phone number that is always busy. Try them! and AT&T WorldNet Technical Support at 1-800-400-1447

Further, since the ATT business dsl connection in our clubhouse works I was told to just switch to a business line. Who would have guessed, there is no capability for a business connection in my neighborhood. Of course there is always the one about the telephone just dropping out while talking to an ATT representative. Oh, did I tell you it is an ATT line? Also, they had my phone NUMBERS to call back and never did and, of course, they do not divulge their phone numbers so I could not call back.

In my view ATT has found a new definition of HELP (How Everyone Loses Patience).

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