Starbucks Customer: Excuse Me, But My Name Is Not "Bit*h"

For some reason, some folks in the food service biz never learn the lesson that they shouldn’t vent their anger at a customer by insulting them on a receipt, to-go pack or in this case, a Starbucks cup.

“I was shocked. I didn’t understand why they would do that,” says a ‘Bucks customer who claims a staffer at the coffee colossus scrawled what appears to be the word “bitch” on the cup holding her caramel frappuccino.

“[M]y name is not bitch,” she explains to WABC-TV. “it’s Vicki.”

She says the incident was the result of her and her coworkers making light of a mistake the Starbucks staffer had made. And when she got back to her office, that’s when she noticed the five-letter word scribbled on her cup.

When she complained to the Starbucks, a manager gave her vouchers for free coffee. But she says that when she was leaving, another employee said, “Some people will do anything to get a free cup of coffee.”

WABC went to the Starbucks and talked to a manager who says he wasn’t there on the day in question but that he had heard about it and “It was a mistake.”

A rep for Starbucks HQ told WABC, “We have apologized numerous times for this unfortunate misunderstanding.”

Meanwhile, the woman says she has no intention of using the vouchers.

B-word written on woman’s Starbucks cup []

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