Robber Tries To Hold Up Clerk With Toy Gun, Foiled When Coworker Pretends To Be Cop

Proving once and for all that childhood games of cops and robbers offer training for real-world crime prevention procedures, a Florida convenience store clerk foiled a robbery by pretending to be a policeman. Naturally, the masked woman he subdued turned out to be wielding only a toy gun.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the alleged assailant — who police say was intoxicated — wore a clear plastic mask as she approached the counter and threatened a clerk with what appeared to be an Uzi. A coworker who was stocking a cooler said “Palm Bay police. Get on the ground,” causing the suspect to momentarily obey as one of the clerks restrained her until the real cops came.

The woman was jailed and faces a charge of attempted robbery.

Police: Drunk woman tried to rob store with toy gun [Orlando Sentinel via Huffington Post]

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