Hallmark Sells Cards That Express Sympathy For Layoff Victims

Oblivious to the possibility that the last thing people who lost their jobs need are cardboard reminders of their misfortune, Hallmark has launched a line of greeting cards geared to the downsized. Among the witticisms you can sign beneath and hand over solemnly: “Don’t think of it as losing your job. Think of it as a time out between stupid bosses.”

NBC speaks to employees of an Indiana job placement agency who thinks the cards are necessary.

One says:

“Getting a card like that and somebody caring is fabulous. The crazy part to think about this is there’s so many people laid off. At least someone’s caring enough to you know, get a card and say, ‘I’m thinking of you’.”

The cards are “selling well,” says Hallmark.

Hallmark launches new line of unemployment sympathy cards [NBC via WLBZ2]

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