George Takei May Protest Southwest Airlines For Scolding L-Word Actress

Earlier this week, Leisha Hailey, actress and former star of the Showtime’s The L Word, was reprimanded by a Southwest Airlines flight attendant for sharing a kiss with her partner while onboard the aircraft. Earlier today, George Takei, actor and former helmsman of the USS Enterprise, mock threatened to stage a protest in response during his next Southwest Airlines flight.

In a tweet, the former Star Trek actor wrote, “L-Word Actress Leisha Hailey kicked off SWA flight for kissing girlfriend. To protest, Brad and I may wrestle in the aisle. #SouthWorst”

Why use the word “may?” I say let’s “make it so.” My only stipulation is that they put on Starfleet uniforms first.

@GeorgeTakei [Twitter]

‘L Word’ Actress Says She Was Scolded By Southwest Staff For Kissing Girlfriend